Dental crowding is defined as a tooth size/jaw size discrepancy, which results in a misalignment of the teeth AKA crowding or crooked teeth. Relatively large teeth, small jaws, and a combination of both could lead into the tooth size/arch length discrepancy. The etiology of crowding has been not well understood yet and a range of causative factors has been proposed including, genetics, premature loss of baby teeth, Extra teeth,missing tooth, extracted tooth, misshapen teeth like peg lateral, some habits such as thumb sucking, tongue trusting, prolonged use of pacifier or a bottle and trauma and some tumors, benign lesions of jaws and etc. A combination of above-mentioned factors usually contributes to crooked teeth. Only in a limited number of patients the reason is clear and fortunately even in the cases of unknown reason the orthodontic treatments can give you or your kid a beautiful and healthy smile.

Space deficiency or tooth size/jaw size discrepancy could be presented in the form of other misalignments such as protrusion. In protrusion cases, upper and/or lower jaw might have not provided enough space for the teeth to align in their normal position and therefore teeth have been aligned in a more forward position. In this situation the teeth may be aligned but they are protruded which leads to unpleasant lips form and function.