About OrthoPresent.com

OrthoPresent is a digital platform developed and directed under supervision of Dr. Amin Shirvani, Certified dentist in Canada and a member of word federation of orthodontists (WFO) to provide patients and doctors with the updated information on different aspects of orthodontics including routine orthodontic treatments namely self-ligating, conventional and clear braces and Invisalign treatments along with introducing the cutting edge technologies in the filed of orthodontics such as devices of accelerated orthodontics using high quality videos, animations and images that can easily illustrate and answer the orthodontic questions of patients and in near future some online seminars for dentists in the field of clear aligners and Invisalign.

OrthoPresent always tries to share the most widely accepted opinions in the field of orthodontics in an accurate way, however these information is only for patients and dentist information and shall not be used as a treatment-planning tool or as a substitute for a professional consultation with a well-trained and certified orthodontist /dentist. For more detailed information please see terms and conditions of website. Should you have any questions in this regard, please email us at admin@OrthoPresent.com

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