Dr. Amin Shirvani

began his career as a dentist in 2003 upon obtaining a DDS degree. As a dental student he was involved in various volunteer programs including: Computer skills, medical writing and student skills. During 2002 he was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Student of the University accolade.

After graduation, he began to practice as a general dentist . After two years of practice, he returned to university and completed a 4-year program in orthodontics. Having a mathematical background, he studied applied mathematics and computer science in aesthetic dentistry and facial harmony. He published articles in the geometry of facial harmony, computerized prediction of orthodontics and aesthetic jaw surgery. He also has over six years’ experience in academic teaching for orthodontics, medical ethics, research methodology and facial growth & development.

As a professional and experienced dentist, Dr. Shirvani understands that most patients don’t enjoy being in the dental chair and therefore he has a core focus on easing dental anxiety. He firmly believes that a painless dental care is achievable and has the potential to be a pleasant experience for all.