How Invisalign® works.

How Invisalign treatment works?

The same orthodontic rules, as traditional braces, should be used in treatment planning of an Invisalign® treatment to achieve a healthy beautiful smile. Your dentist sends a very accurate impression or 3D scan of all your teeth to the manufacturer where a simulated treatment result will be drafted and send to your dentist.

At this stage, your dentist will use a software called ClinCheck™ to digitally design your treatment plan. Based on the different types of tooth movements your smile transformation might need and the severity of the malocclusion, a number of clear aligners will be made starting from aligner number 1 (N 01).

Every single aligner is a bit different from the very last one and in this way a very well controlled gentle force system will be applied to the right spots of the teeth to make them move to their new desired position.

After manufacturing of aligners, you will start with first pair of aligners (N 01) and wear that for one week or two and then switch to next one. After finishing a few aligners you will see your doctor. The dentist/Orthodontist will assess your smile and will do some adjustments and give your more aligners to wear. In this way your smile will be gradually transformed to the new healthy smile


Amin Shirvani DDS

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