Treatment of Crowding in Kids

As we discussed earlier, crowding is a lack of space for all the teeth to erupt straight and in a normal position. This could be the result of the following conditions:

  • Small jaw size,
  • Large tooth size or extra tooth,
  • And, a combination of both

It has been showed that the space deficiency tends to get worse if left untreated in children. That’s why many orthodontists / dentists recommend early orthodontic treatment for kids. The first orthodontic consultation is recommended at the age of 7 when the first adult teeth are erupting in. At this first visit, Orthodontist / dentist may take a panoramic X-ray to have a complete examination of permanent tooth buds and bony structures of jaws.

If the orthodontist / dentist finds the clinical signs of crowding, they would recommend regular 6-month visits to start the treatment at the right time. The goal of the early orthodontic treatment (AKA preventive orthodontics, interceptive orthodontics and phase I treatment) is to maintain the current available space, to expand the jaws in order to provide required space for teeth and regaining the space loss in the case of early extracted or fallen out baby teeth. To achieve theses goals different treatment techniques are being used which has been showed in “Routine treatments“.